Ouch! I cracked a nail!

Pro Secrets | By Laci | September 29, 2010, 10:52 AM
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Has this ever happened to you??? A cracked nail all the across the "quick".  What do you do?  The first answer to that is... DON'T TEAR IT OFF! You can fix it!

First clean the nail really well, apply Neosporin, and cover with a bandage. Leave the bandage on until bleeding stops and skin area is fairly healed (usally about one day).

Next, you have two choices, come in to your nearby beauty brands and have a Salon Professional Nail Technician perform a quick repair on the torn nail (about $5), OR, fix it yourself:

All you need is a file, Gel Bond (super glue), and white tissue paper. GENTLY file the top of the nail where the crack is, dab Gel Bond onto crack, and apply one thin piece of tissue paper over the crack. Wait until the tissue paper soaks up the glue and apply another layer of paper.  After a few minutes the tissue will be dry.  Then file corners to smooth out product.

This is a quick, temporary fix but it will hold for a day or two.  If the problem persists, go in to a beauty brands, and a Nail Tech can apply a more permanent repair.  And as always, use a good nail strengthener on natural nails and treat yourself to a manicure every week to two weeks!